Monday, 30 March 2009

A few Beetle Ads

Top: Advertisement for the new Beetle Cabriolet, simply removing the top from the VW logo.

Bottom: Two Ads again for the VW Beetle, using the unique shape of the Beetle within things, representing that they are unforgettable. 

Bottom, Found:

Stop-Motion Type Film

Interesting way of experimenting with moving image and typography. It flows so easily, Great stop-frame animation!



Ambient Fitness Posters

Posters when not held up represent a floppy belly, but when held up represents a flat and fit stomach, an interesting way of representing a fitness club.

Love 'em or Hate 'em

A series of Marmite Ads designed by DDB London. Using bold colours and simple illustrations by illustrator Al Murphy, the executions show someone loving the product if looked at from one angle, but hating the product if looked at from a different point of view. I love how you have to turn the posters around to see other meanings, making them kind of interactive and engaging with the viewer, really clever. Hate Marmite, but love these posters.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Melvin Galapon

I came across Galapon's work while I was looking on and I found his work quite interesting.

Another Guardian Ad

Advertisement for The Guardian Job Section, designed by Andy Macgregor. Still keeping the theme of bright colours on a white background, like the Wieden and Kennedy Ads.

Alan Kitching

Alan Kitching specializes in Typography and Letterpress. 

Craig Ward

Craig Ward uses overlapped type to create his imagery. He seems to mainly use letterpressing, which gives his work a nice texture. His work can be found on

Kasabian (Shoot The Runner)

Love this Video, love the style and effects! So bright and colourful!

Questions to Ady (True North)

I decided to send the questions I sent to Dan, to Ady at True North, who I went to visit with my Portfolio. He said I could send him questions when I spoke to him, so I thought I would, to help with my research for my issues and practices section. Hope to hear from him soon.

Ady got back to me with his answers which was very helpful (emails below)

Periodic Table of Typefaces

My kind of Science !!!

Penguin Audio Ad

The text makes up the audio sound wave, simple and really clever.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Questions to Dan (ex-student/MARK Studio)

I have decided to email an ex-student Dan Ingham, who now works at Mark Studio, I also emailed Dan about the Comedy Festival '08 brief he worked on at Mark Studio, for some research on my final major project. Because I am answering the "Too Many Grads" question for this brief, I decided to email Dan and ask if it would be possible to ask him a few questions about what he thinks on the matter, and how he got to where he is today. I hope to hear from him soon.

I got a reply from Dan (above) so I have sent him the following Questions (below)

I got Dan's replies to my questions which can be seen in the email below, his views were very helpful.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Interactive mouth idea

This is a similar idea to what I am going to include in my brochure for my Final Major Project, for the "Manchester Comedy Festival 2009" Having pictures of funny mouths throughout the brochure, which you can hold up to your own mouth. 

Interbrand - PDF folio

When we went to London as a group, on the 5th March, we made a visit to a large branding company called Interbrand. Tim, James and Katie are designers at Interbrand, and they gave a great presentation, they also showed some work they have produced. Tim, said he would happily look over our portfolios in PDF. So below are some emails I have sent to Tim asking if he would mind giving me a bit of advice on my work. 

I emailed a few weeks ago and he said it would be fine to send some work through, so the top email is Tim saying it is fine to send some work through, the second includes the attachment of my PDF. The third is a quick email just kindly asking if he had had a chance to look at my work, as its been over a week since I sent him my work. I hope he gets in touch, any feedback would be great.

This is an email I received today from Tim. He's had a look at my work, but is going to email back with useful feedback when he has more time to write. I'm looking forward to getting his advice, hope he emails soon.

After waiting a few days Tim got back to me with some feedback and advice on my folio, I'm really pleased he got back to me and told me to contact James if I wanted to send any further work or any regards to a Placement. So I plan to do so very soon.

Friday, 13 March 2009

The Guardian Ad Campaign

The Guardian Newspaper Ad Campaign, designed by Wieden & Kennedy London. Got to be one of my all time favorites. I love the simplicity of the graphics, and how some posters are completely typographic.

Dinosaur email

A few months ago I emailed Emily at Dinosaur, asking about a portfolio viewing, no reply as yet, I'll keep you informed.

Glorious email

Today I emailed Tom Shaughnessy from Glorious Creative, he came into college a few weeks ago and gave a presentation on the work Glorious had designed. I really enjoyed his talk and thought it would be useful to get some of his advice on my work. Fingers crossed he will email me back and I will be able to show him my Portfolio. I'll let you know if I get a reply.

A to M email

Today I emailed Mike from A to M, I really like the work they have produced, so I thought I would send a quick email to see if I could get a Portfolio Viewing, it would be great to get some of his advice. I hope to hear from him soon.

True North Visit

Today I decided to email Ady Bibby at True North, I emailed Ady last year but I never got a reply so I thought I'd give it another go. Within the hour I got a reply and an arranged date for a Portfolio Viewing for the 18th March at 10am. Hope it goes well, I'll keep you posted.

The Visit.

On Wednesday 18th March, I went to True North and showed my Portfolio to Ady Bibby. At first we had a general chat about what my plans were when I leave university, he explained that it will be very difficult for students to get jobs, but you have to be persistent and ask for placements, if you don't get replies keep asking. Ady told me that the best way to get into agencies is through placements and being versatile and making yourself available. After talking for a while I started to go through my work, I showed him both my 1st/2nd year portfolio and some work from the third year. Once I had finished going through the portfolios, Ady went back to beginning and gave me advice on each project, he never really told me whether he liked the projects or not just how it would like to see them presented in the final portfolio. Also he wasn't too keen on the book format and advised that he would prefer to see the real thing, even if it is a massive poster, he claims he would remember it more that way. Yet other people I have seen with my portfolio have preferred the books, but everybody has a different opinion and it is interesting to get different insights. Ady also told me how to extend some of my projects, so when I come to designing my final portfolio, the projects I include will have more depth. Once we had finished talking about my work, he gave me a list of creatives from some other agencies and told me to get in touch with them about advice on how to put my final portfolio together, so thats what I will be doing. Overall it was a informative visit more so about what I should include in my folio and how to construct it more than advice on my work and how I could make that better. Either way it was beneficial.      

Truth Visit

A few weeks ago I emailed Truth, originally we had a meeting arranged for the beginning of february but due to their work load they had to cancel a few times. The email above is just one of the cancellation emails.

This next email is the most recent I have sent, a few days ago, asking to rearrange our meeting, finally getting a date for my viewing. I will be going to Truth on 20th March at 11am with my portfolio, I'll keep you posted.

The Visit

On Friday 20th March I went to visit Darren Scott at Truth Design with my Portfolio, I decided to take some of my third year work too, the more feedback the better. After struggling to get through the massive red front door, I sat and discussed my work with Darren, also a girl called rebecca also sat with us and gave her input, I'm not too sure if she is another designer or if she just handles clients etc. Once again I went through all my work first then after I had finish we went back to the beginning and went through it again, this time giving advice. They both generally seemed to like my work and like Jamie from Turner Duckworthparticularly liked my Women's Library work. Because of what Ady said at True North about the format of my porfolio I decided to ask Darren what format he preferred to see when looking at Portfolios, he said he likes to see work on screen, this way you can zoom in and colours are generally brighter, small thumbnails don't do your work justice. This way you can simply bring a laptop with you show your work in a PDF format and have a few samples with aswell, also its easier to send through email if you already have a PDF created. Darren claims this his the way he presents all of his work. Towards the end Darren asked if I would like a placement, they offer 3-day placements, I would think it is because they are such a small agency. I was very pleased and didn't expect it at all, I love the work Truth have created and it will be really exciting to get involved. Rebecca took my details and said they will be in touch soon with dates, I hope to hear from them soon.  

Thursday, 12 March 2009


Greatest Rubiks Cube Ever!

4 Dead Celebrities Font Art Pieces

Marilyn Monroe

Charlie Chaplin

James Dean

Marlon Brando

4 Typographic illustrations by Eran Abramson. Love them!